Feature: Art Galleries and Artists of the South


Kudzu, a persistent and aggressive vine, yields an exquisite purple bloom. When Persistence opens on August 23rd, paintings from the solo exhibition of artist Patty B. Driscoll will show the prickly weed as a metaphor for the resilience of Southern women and the steely grace of their voices. The series of eleven feminist-themed still life oil paintings on wood depict floral arrangements set in chiaroscuro lighting juxtaposing alluring imagery with subversive titles prompting viewers to consider the use of these terms and to reflect upon attitudes towards feminism and femininity in the South and beyond. Incased in Gluck frames inspired by Hannah Gluck in the 1930’s, the various sized works of art pay homage to oft overlooked pioneer women in the arts.

Patty B. Driscoll received her MFA from the California College of Arts after completing her undergraduate work in Studio Art and Art History at Skidmore College. In addition to her formal arts education, Driscoll has studied at the Florence Academy of Art, the Studio Arts Center International in Florence, and the Art Instituto in San Miquel de Allende, Mexico. Patty B. makes her home in Birmingham, Alabama, where she has returned to painting full time in her studio. She is represented by Canary Gallery. Persistence will be on view August 23 through September 29, 2018. For more information on the works of Patty B. Driscoll and the gallery, visit in person or online at  www.canarygalleryllc.com.

From Volume 15, Issue 2, 2018